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Block Patterns

The pattern for the block is traced onto freezer paper. Freezer paper is then ironed to top of 12 different fabrics that you are using (the stack). The freezer paper will stay in place while you rotary cut (slash) on all the lines....Thus the term "Stack and Slash". The instructions then tell you how to shuffle the fabrics so that each block has a different combination of fabrics.This technique is so easy that even a beginner quilter can have perfect results the first time.  You get the look of a traditional, scrap, crazy quilt with the easy of contemporary methods.The instructions are written very clearly, and there is a visual guide as well,  that shows you what everything looks like as you feed it into the sewing machine. All of the blocks are trimmed to size after sewing; therefore a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance is not required. 

Block Patterns are $8.00 retail


NOTE: The difference between the 3 Krazies is the SHAPE you are cutting the pieces into. You can use a different pattern on each stack of 12 in squares and have a really Krazy Quilt...if you only want to order 1 then order the one that you like the cover of best! 

  Kwik Scrappy Storm

NEW Spring 09

Kwik Scrappy Storm 
Our Technique turns the traditional Storm at Sea into a breeze! 
kwikstorm.JPG KwikScrappyStorms.JPG
  New Spring '09 


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